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Quality and production

What institutions does Sprinkle drinking water receive certification from? down-arrow

All our products are designed to be premium quality drinking water, with world-class quality control from APHA, AWA, WEF and quality certificates from many institutions such as:

- ISO 9001:2015 by BVQi certification body

- GMP Codex by the Food and Drug Administration



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What are the steps of Sprinkle drinking water production? down-arrow
  • When it comes to hygiene, more is better!

  • Before delivering to your hands and nourishing your body, the water is taken from a natural resource, gone through the advanced technology of purification and disinfection systems. Random quality control is done every 2 hours. Samples are constantly submitted to the official authority for verifications. Once approved, the water will go through the production process -equipped with highly advanced technology in every step. We commit to repeating each and every step to ensure that the drinking water you are holding achieves both the international and our standards.

  • Step 1 Ultrafiltration uses a hollow fiber membrane to effectively remove particles of 0.01 micron such as turbidity, suspended particles, microplastics, silica, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, and parasites.

  • Step 2 Reverse Osmosis eliminates contaminants as small as 0.0001 micron and filters out saltiness, bacteria, viruses, hard metals, as well as any toxic compounds. The company establishes a continuous quality control system to maintain the highest standard.

  • Step 3 Ultraviolet light to disinfect micro-organisms

  • Step 4 Ozonation to complete micro-organism disinfection

  • Quality tests are carried out every two hours on every step, so we can be sure that the water is truly clean.

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    Becoming a member

    What are the fees for becoming a member? down-arrow

    1. Empty water bottle deposit: 3 bottles minimum, 200 baht per bottle.

    2. Drinking water coupon: you can choose between a 12-bottle set and a 24-bottle set.

      Coupon for 12 bottles: 898.80 baht (VAT included).

      Coupon for 24 bottles: 1,720.56 baht (VAT included).

    What is a water bottle deposit? down-arrow
    1. Members should place a deposit for an empty Sprinkle water bottle to be exchanged in the next order. On the first delivery, you will receive full water bottles and our staff will collect coupons according to the number of bottles you requested.
    What is a drinking water coupon? down-arrow

    It is a cash coupon using to exchange water bottle, so it is more convenient if you cannot wait for our delivery staff. When you register as a member, you receive coupons that you can use as money while receiving drinking water. You can exchange 1 coupon for 1 water bottle.

    Does a drinking water coupon have an expiration date? down-arrow
    1. Coupons are valid within 1 year from the date of issue (date of issue can be found on coupons).
    When can I receive my first water delivery after becoming a member? down-arrow

    After the day you register as a member, we organize water delivery within 3 working days (depends on the area). After that you can be sure that there will always be clean drinking water at your house since you will receive it according to your delivery schedule.


    What are the payment options? down-arrow

    Making payments is easy since there are many payment options for you to choose from:

    (1) Online payment

    We will send you a link via SMS, Line or E-mail. After opening the link, you can choose a payment method:

     − Credit/debit card

     − Any bank counter and Counter Service stations

     − Bank services (ATM, Bank Counter, Direct Debit/Web Payment, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking)

     − Alipay, Line Pay, WeChat

    You can request a link beforehand via the Call Center 02-712-7272, Line: @sprinklewater, Facebook: Sprinkle Drinking Water

    (2) Payment on the delivery

    You can make an appointment beforehand, so that you can pay to our staff member directly on the delivery date. Available payment methods are:

     − Cash payment

     − The Bill Payment system: scan the QR code or the barcode on your receipt and show payment results to the delivery staff

    If it is not convenient for you to wait for the delivery staff on the appointed delivery day, please consider the online payment.

    Delivery service

    How often does Sprinkle deliver drinking water? down-arrow

    Our staff will inform you about the first delivery date and the following weekly schedule (from Monday to Sunday, the exact day depends on the area). The delivery frequency will be adjusted to suit your consumption, and we will inform you and ask for your approval beforehand.

     We have the following delivery frequency according to our service standards:

     1. Every week delivery

     2. Every other week delivery

     3. Once a month delivery

    If you are receiving water less than one time per month, please inform us at least one day ahead of your scheduled delivery day.

    Where should I put empty bottles and coupons on the delivery day? down-arrow
    1.  - If the delivery address is a detached house and it is not comfortable for you to wait for the delivery, you can put empty bottles and drinking water coupons in front of the house or any preferred delivery area.

    2.  - If the delivery address is a building, a condominium or an apartment building, the place where you can leave your empty bottles and coupons is subject to the regulations of the respective building, condominium or apartment building.

    3. The water pick-up point should be approved by both the Sprinkle member and the delivery staff.

    Can Sprinkle deliver water if there is no lift in the building? down-arrow

    If there is no available lift in your building, our delivery staff can carry the bottles up to the second floor.

    Deposit bottle returning

    How can I discontinue my Sprinkle service and receive my deposit? down-arrow

    You can contact us and provide the number of deposit bottles you wish to get a refund for, your bank account number (the account holder’s name should match the name in the membership information), so we can transfer the refund to you. We will notify you of the date when our staff will collect the bottles and process to transfer you the refund within 18 working days from the day we receive the returned bottles.


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    Can I return some of the bottles but stay a member? down-arrow
    1. You can return some of the bottles if necessary. Please inform us at least two weeks beforehand for making an appointment


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    Is it necessary to wait for the delivery staff to collect the bottles? down-arrow

    If it is not convenient for you to wait for the staff, you can put the empty bottles at your regular pick-up point. Our staff will collect them and put the receipt of returned bottles in your mailbox for you to keep as the evidence that we have received the bottles and coupons.


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    I want to discontinue service, but I have some coupons left. Can I refund these coupons? down-arrow
    1. Your coupons can be refunded. However, you will receive the coupons price only, please bear in mind that VAT is non-refundable. Coupons applied for the refund should be valid (expiration date can be found on a coupon).


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    What is the refund procedure? down-arrow

    We will transfer the deposit to your bank account within 18 working days from the day we receive the returned bottles. Please bear in mind that the account holder’s name should match the name in the membership information. If you wish to receive a cheque payment instead of a bank transfer, you should visit our office in person after 18 working days with the original receipt of returned bottles. Our office is located at M. Water Co., Ltd. 244/365 Vibhavadee-Rangsit Road, Soi 43, Kwaeng Sanambin, Khet Donmueng, Bangkok 10210. Tel. 02-712-7272 # 1052.


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    Can another person receive my refund? down-arrow
    1. Another person can collect your refund if provided with a Letter of Authorization.


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    I forgot to put the empty bottles outside on the pick-up day, what should I do? down-arrow

    If you could not return the bottles on the appointed day, please contact us again within 90 days from the day of service cancellation notice in order to return the bottles. Otherwise, we will have to issue selling documents for the pending bottles as they are sold to you, and these expenses will be deducted from your deposit.


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